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4×4 Weight Loss


Losing weight is a challenge. The 4×4 Weight Loss Program is designed to keep you on track. Like a 4×4 relay race, this weight loss program has 4 team members and 4 steps.

Our approach is holistic

Your 4-member team includes a doctor, a pharmacist, a health coach, and most importantly, you. Together the team passes the baton to one another in an exhilarating race, setting you up to win.

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[plethora_teaserbox title=”1. Doctor” image=”557″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_4-3″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]You will meet one-on-one with a doctor who will assess and evaluate you throughout the program.[/plethora_teaserbox]
[plethora_teaserbox title=”2. Pharmacist” image=”560″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_4-3″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]You have one-on-one access to a pharmacist. Your pharmacist and doctor will help you choose an FDA-approved prescription medication customized uniquely for your needs.[/plethora_teaserbox]
[plethora_teaserbox title=”3. Wellness Coach” image=”561″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_4-3″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]Meet one-on-one with a Wellness Coach who will help guide you and keep you on track when it comes to nutrition, fitness, behavior, and overall follow-through.[/plethora_teaserbox]
[plethora_teaserbox title=”4. YOU” image=”562″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_4-3″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]You have a team of experts supporting YOU!

Video appointments for your convenience.[/plethora_teaserbox]




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Our approach is not only to help you lose weight but also help you keep it off

Medical Supervised

Holistic Approach

Coaching on cultivating a sustainable healthy eating lifestyle with exercise

Overall Metabolic Health

One on One Health Coaching

Techs: free app, a blood pressure monitor and a smart scale to aid Your journey

If you are taking medication already, no problem your pharmacist Is available for medication counseling

Lose up to 10% of your body weight

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[plethora_headinggroup subtitle=”Our approach is not only to help you lose weight but also help you keep it off” align=”text-left”]

4 easy steps to get started!


[plethora_teaserbox title=”Step 1″ subtitle=”Join the Team” image=”568″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_2-1″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]Suit up. Receive your starter kit: An app to monitor your calorie intake and activities, a smart scale body analyzer and a blood pressure monitor. Get to know your team members.[/plethora_teaserbox]
[plethora_teaserbox title=”Step 2″ subtitle=”Prepare for your care” image=”569″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_2-1″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]Complete baseline lab testing and consult with your doctor.

Start FDA-approved prescription weight loss medication.[/plethora_teaserbox]

[plethora_teaserbox title=”Step 3″ subtitle=”Perfect your stride” image=”559″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_2-1″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]Work with your pharmacist to receive weight loss medication. Meet monthly with your doctor over the course of 6-12 months. Meet weekly with your health coach.[/plethora_teaserbox]
[plethora_teaserbox title=”Step 4″ subtitle=”Win the Race” image=”577″ media_ratio=”stretchy_wrapper ratio_2-1″ button_display=”0″ same_height=”same_height_col”]End the program as a winner by reaching your goal, with a foundation and framework to maintain the weight loss.[/plethora_teaserbox]
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