The 4×4 Weight Loss Results Guarantee Details

With 4×4 Weight Loss Results Guarantee, eligible members are guaranteed a minimum of 10% weight loss within one year of the relay race. The 10% weight loss is defined by calculating the percentage measurable change in weight within the 1-year time frame of the program. Qualified members who do not achieve 10% weight loss in one year are eligible for a program refund which is $130/month. The cost of medication, labs or other items and services charged by third parties is not included

To be eligible for 4×4 Weight Loss’s Results Guarantee, members must:

  • Have signed up after 3/15/2022 for the One-Year program.
  • Have completed 4×4 Weight Loss’s One-Year program
  • Have self-paid for 4×4 Weight Loss’s program (not through an employer or insurance program).
  • Have not been on a prescription weight loss medication in the one year prior to signing up for 4×4 Weight Loss (examples include: phentermine, Glucagon Like Peptide-1 medications like Wegovy, Saxenda, Trulicity.)
  • Have completed the full One-Year program without stopping.
    4×4 Weight Loss’s or a member may initiate a break. Member initiated breaks occur when a member chooses to put their program on hold for up to 90 days and notifies 4×4 Weight Loss. 4×4 Weight Loss initiated breaks occur when a member is not able to meet the criteria of the 4×4 Weight Loss over an extended period of time.
  • Be compliant with the 4×4 Weight Loss starting  from the inception of your program which includes:
    -Following the medical recommendations for medication use, which include medication changes and adjustments as well as medication adherence.
    -Actively participating in tracking throughout the program, which is defined by tracking daily metrics (weight, red food, and energy), and setting and tracking weekly goals at least 85% of the time (or 5 days a week).
    -Giving at least 48 hour notice if needing to cancel a coaching session, and not exceeding five last minute reschedules.

You can request a refund by emailing Once considered refund eligible per the conditions above, if you paid by credit or debit card you will receive a refund on the card on file per our refund policy, and the refund amount will appear on your card within three to five business days of 4×4 weight loss confirming you are refund eligible.